Business License Forms

The Santa Paula Municipal Code provides that a business license is necessary before any Business, Trade, Profession, Enterprise, Establishment, Occupation or Calling is conducted within the City.  A license is required even though a business might be located outside the City, or have a license from another City.

All businesses (with a few exceptions) are required to have a business license, which must be renewed annually, due between January 1st and January 30th in order to avoid a delinquent payment. The amount of tax payable varies, due to the type of business. Be sure to choose the business license form that is most applicable for your business. 

Additional information on Business License regulations can be found in Chapter 110 of the Santa Paula Municipal Code, available here.

COVID-19 Update

All businesses within the city are required to comply with current state and local guidelines for opening and reopening. Please visit for more information about COVID-19 risk assessment, prevention plans, and registering to open.


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