Patrol Division

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The Patrol Division receives and responds to all calls for emergency services and provides front-line services such as responding to traffic collisions, disturbances, domestic violence incidents, crime reports, traffic enforcement, preventative policing, addressing quality of life issues, and investigating suspicious persons and vehicles.

Animal Control

The primary purpose of the Animal Control Unit is to provide a wide variety of State mandated and City services relating to animal control and animal protection. 

Contact the Animal Control Officer by email or by calling 805-525-4474.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit is designed to utilize police dogs and handlers in the application of building searches, suspect apprehension, and narcotics searches. The K-9s are designed to assist officers and create better officer safety. This unit reduces the number of man hours used to search buildings and area containment. The teams train together on a weekly basis and have won numerous awards at local and statewide competitions.

The Santa Paula Police Department's K-9 Unit was first started over 40 years ago.

Officer Gates and K-9 Doc                      Officer Raad and K-9 RaiderIMG_2544IMG_3013

K-9 Doc and Officer Gates have been           K-9 Raider and Officer Raad have been operating as a team since 2021.                    operating as a team since 2020.

Both teams have successfully completed patrol school which prepares officers and K-9s for patrol on the streets. This includes training, basic obedience, suspect apprehension, and area/building searches. They have also completed narcotics and firearms detection school to assist officers in detecting narcotics while on patrol in the streets. Both officers train with their K-9s on a weekly basis to keep up on their skills.

Supporting the K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit is funded by donations and your support would be sincerely appreciated. Costs include food, supplies, medical expenses for the dog, ongoing training expenses, specialized equipment, and the initial purchase of the dog. We would like to thank our generous community for their continued support of the Santa Paula Police K-9 Unit. Without you, this program would be impossible. If you would like to help fund the K-9 Unit, donations can be made payable to:

 The City of Santa Paula                           For questions about this program, email:                    214 S 10th St                                                       Support K-9 Program                                  Santa Paula, CA 93060


The Reserve Program was established by the City of Santa Paula to develop highly trained officers who can provide additional resources for the Santa Paula Police Department. Reserve Officers can provide law enforcement services under both normal and emergency situations. 

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