Andy Sobel

Andy SobelAndy Sobel, Mayor

Council Term Expires: December, 2024


Vice Mayor Andy Sobel is serving his first elected term on the City Council.  He was originally appointed to the City Council in December 2018 to fill the remaining two years of Councilmember Martin Hernandez's term.

Deep connections with the community are important to Andy. He looks forward to working together with you.

Andy quiere trabajar junto con toda la comunidad para asegurar que todos estamos comprometidos para las mismas metas.


He has a B.S. in Computer Science, a masters in Elementary Education, and a doctorate in Educational Administration with an emphasis in policy and planning.


He is a Software Consultant and previously has been an inner-city bilingual teacher and a community organizer working on issues at the neighborhood, city, state, and national levels.

Community Service

He was a member of the Measure T Oversight Committee (a 1% sales tax increase the community voted for) from April 2017 through December 2018.


  • Aspects that affect our youth including health, education, and career readiness
  • Bringing new business to the city
  • Communication and engagement between the community and the city government
  • Environmental pressures on our air and water
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Infrastructure (most notably the city streets)
  • Transparency


  • Broadband And Technology Standing Committee
  • Economic Development Standing Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Santa Paula Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee (Santa Paula Hospital)
  • Santa Paula Unified School District/City Council Joint Committee (2x2)
  • Communications Ad Hoc committee


Born and raised in Mexico, Andy moved to Santa Paula 10 years ago. In his off time, Andy likes to travel with his wife and kiteboard when the wind is blowing in Ventura.