Channel 10/Banner Request

Channel 10 Banner Request 

Guidelines for Channel 10:

  • Please submit flyer landscape form, NO VERTICAL FLYERS.  
  • Flyers/requests must be emailed in PDF form to
  •  Very minimal information due to 10 seconds per slide.
  • Non-Profit applications only

For any Channel 10 TV Announcements please contact Jonathan Royas via email at or by phone at  (805) 933-4201 ext. 286

Banner Request

Guidelines for Main Street banner request:

  • Banners shall be displayed only for the general benefit of the citizens of Santa Paula. Banners shall not be displayed for political, religious or for profit purposes.
  • Banners must be double sided and conform to the City standards for overall size listed on application.
  • Banners shall normally be displayed for a period of one week, beginning and ending on Monday. Display in excess of one week shall be subject to availability of time and shall not exceed 20 days.
  • The City is NOT responsible for damage to banners due to wind, weather, vandalism, or normal wear and tear.
  • Please see attached application for more policies and procedures. Download banner application here.
  • Banner requests for Teague Park are scheduled in person at our front desk. Fee is $25.

For questions and availability please contact Administrative Assistant, Nina Unzueta via email at or by phone at  (805) 933-4226 ext. 350 

                Preview of Channel 10 live