Military Banner Program


  1. Eligibility Requirements

    The "Santa Paula Salutes" Military Banner Program was established by the City of Santa Paula to honor and recognize military personnel from Santa Paula.

    To qualify, honorees must meet the following requirements:

    • Current or past resident of Santa Paula; and
    • Active duty military personnel in any branch of the United States Military, including active Reserves and active National Guard; or, 
    • Inactive duty or retired military personnel that served in any branch of the United States Military; or,
    • A fallen service member in any United States conflict.
  2. Program Details

    Applications will be processed and installed on a quarterly basis (every 3 months). Applicants must pay a fee of $124.50. Applicants must pay this fee once every three years to reserve your banner location. The City will cover ongoing maintenance to the banner and hardware should either get damaged due to weather conditions.

    The military banners will be displayed on an ongoing basis along 10th Street south of Main Street, and along Mill Street south of Main Street (see map). There are a total of 46 available pole locations for military banners. Banners will be installed on a first-come, first-served basis. Banner applications and payments must be received one month in advance of each end of quarter to be installed in that quarter.

    Price per banner: $124.50

  3. Banner Locations
    Screenshot (105)
  4. How to Order

    1. Complete all sections of the following application.

    2. Attach verification of military service (military ID, military orders, Veterans ID, DD214, etc.)

    3. Attach proof of service member's Santa Paula residency (past or present), such as a utility bill or copy of a government issued ID showing the local address of the service member.

    4. Attach a high resolution digital color photograph of the service member in military uniform.

    5. Check the box to receive an emailed copy of the form, and then press Submit.

    6. Print out the confirmation form you received via email, and include it when you submit payment. Cash or check only.

    You can drop off your confirmation and payment at the front counter of City Hall 9am-4pm Monday-Friday, or you can mail your confirmation and payment to: 

    City Hall
    ATTN: Jonathan Royas, City Manager's Office
    970 E Ventura St
    Santa Paula, CA 93060

    Questions? Call (805) 933-4201 or email

  5. Military Banners
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When will my banner be installed?
    Banners will be installed at the end of each quarter during the year (March, June, September, December). You must order your banner and submit payment at least 1 month or 4 weeks prior to the end of the quarter to have your banner installed in that quarter. For example, if you order and pay for your banner on March 15th, you will not have your banner installed by the end of March, but rather in the next quarter at the end of June.

    2. Can I choose which street or pole my banner goes on?
    Unfortunately, due to the limited availability of poles, you may not choose which pole or street your banner goes on. Please note that all poles are in extremely visible, high-traffic areas, and these areas will be maintained while your banner is displayed.

    3. What happens if my banner over time is damaged or destroyed?
    The City will replace the banner free of charge.

    4. Where are the banners printed?
    We are proud to support our local businesses and that is why we have your banners printed here in town at Dodos Design.

  7. Application

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Having trouble with the form?

Feel free to download and print out the following PDF application and submit all materials via mail or in-person to: 
City Hall
ATTN: Jonathan Royas, City Manager's Office 
970 E Ventura St. 
Santa Paula, CA 93060

Please note the photograph must be sent via email to 

Click here to open the PDF application that you will be able to print out.