Downtown Banner Celebration

Artwork Submissions due by July 31st 

Arte & Cultura Collective of Santa Paula


The purpose of the Bursting with Color: Downtown Banner Celebration is to engage and showcase the artistic talents of all Santa Paula residents. Through this project, we aim to foster creativity, community pride, and a sense of belonging by providing a platform for young artists to express themselves and celebrate the cultural heritage of our community. By displaying their artwork in public spaces, we hope to create an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere that promotes the arts and encourages interaction between cultural art and community. This project also aims to celebrate the diversity, localSample history, and traditions in our County during the upcoming Ventura County 150th Anniversary Festival. There is no cost to participate.


This banner project is open to all Santa Paula area residents. All ages are eligible to participate. Art will be accepted and displayed on a first-come, first serve basis and will be reviewed by the Arte & Cultura Collective of Santa Paula Art Advisory Committee. We currently have enough room to feature 70 banners with artwork throughout the downtown.

Original artwork must fit within the dimensions of an 8.5x14 inch (legal size) paper. Application packets which include a piece of legal size paper can be picked up at the following locations during normal business hours:

  • City Hall (970 E Ventura St, Santa Paula, CA 93060) – Monday –Thursday and every other Friday 9:00AM – 4:00pm 
  • Train Depot (200 N 10th St, Santa Paula, CA 93060) – Saturday/ Sunday 12PM-4PM
  • Santa Paula Youth Center (431 N 13th St, Santa Paula, CA 93060) – Monday – Friday 2:30PM – 6:00PM 
  • Santa Paula Community Center (530 W Main St, Santa Paula, CA 93060) – Monday –Thursday and every other Friday 9:00AM – 4:00pm 

Entries must have an art piece that represents the Santa Paula community or Ventura County and can include a historical monument, nature, or coastal theme or be related to land conservation, indigenous cultural heritage, climate, or how community and youth interact. Three-dimensional pieces and photographs are not eligible. Digital art is allowed. Digital art submissions should be 8.5x14 inches.

Artists must include a title and a short statement describing the inspiration for the artwork in English or Spanish. Do not trace, digitally alter, use an existing photo, image, or copyrighted work created by someone other than the applicant. Submissions found to violate this rule will be deemed ineligible and will not be allowed to participate in the display of artwork in public spaces.

How to Submit

The submission period has concluded! Thank you for participating. At this time, we cannot take further entries.

Submission forms can be uploaded online or turned in person. 

Entries must be uploaded by 11:59PM PST on July 31, 2023, or dropped off Monday - Thursday and every other Friday, from 9:00 am through 4:00 pm at 970 E Ventura St, Santa Paula, CA 93060; Attn: Lyzette Cornejo. All participants must approve and sign the participant agreement form to participate. 

Artwork will be displayed in our downtown, Mill Street, and 10th Street for approximately two months as part of the Bursting with Color: Downtown Banner Celebration and the Ventura County 150th Anniversary Festival, which will take place October 21, 2023. Artwork may be used again after the 2023 holiday season.

For any questions or concerns, please email or call (805)-933-4201 ext. 244.