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Virtual Public Comment Card

  1. Are you requesting to submit your comment verbally or provide a written comment to be read by the City Clerk?

  2. Under which section(s) of the agenda will your comment(s) be made?

    Select all that apply.

  3. If you will be calling in during the meeting to verbally provide comment, please provide the phone number you will be calling from so that your line can be unmuted at the appropriate time during the meeting.

  4. If you are providing comments in writing only, please include in the below field your specific comments to be read by the City Clerk into the record at the appropriate time during the meeting. Comments read aloud are limited to 350 words per item and will only be read aloud to that limit. All comments from one person to be provided under the Public Comment section (non-agenda items) are considered a single item with a 350 word limit. NOTICE: If you complete this box, you will NOT be called on to speak at the meeting. Do not complete this box if you would like to provide your comments verbally during the meeting.

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