• Uniformed officer saluting while woman sings into microphone.
  • Wide angle shot of mixed officers and others posing near Police Memorial.
  • Uniformed officers and men in civilian clothes posing in front of Police Memorial.
  • Uniformed officer facing Police Memorial.
  • Close up of plaque on Police Memorial and a flower wreath.
  • Two men and an older woman pose with the Police Memorial.
  • Uniformed officer standing with three people in civilian clothes.
  • Dress uniformed officer holding a flag pole with the American flag on it.
  • Man dressed in traditional Scottish garb holding a bagpipe.
  • Uniformed officers firing rifles in salute.
  • Dress uniformed fire fighters lined up against fire truck.
  • Dress uniformed officers and civilians at Police Memorial.
  • Uniformed officer addressing civilians from podium.
  • People seated with close up angled view of bricks with words on them.

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