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1. What is CWWAPP?
2. I’m behind on my utility bill and heard on the news about $2 billion in state assistance. Can this funding help me?
3. Do I need to apply for CWWAPP?
4. Can CWWAPP pay my entire bill?
5. I haven’t been able to pay my bill in a while, so I might have late charges and interest. Are late charges and interest covered under the CWWAPP benefits?
6. I had trouble paying my bill in 2019. Will CWWAPP help me?
7. I’m behind on my bill and am worried my water and/or power will be shut off. If I receive utility bill assistance from CWWAPP, will you still shut off my utility service(s)?
8. I received bill assistance from another state program and I still have a past-due balance. Am I still eligible for CWAPP?
9. I had to close/deactivate my account, but still have an unpaid balance. Am I still eligible to receive relief from CWWAPP for my unpaid balance?